Want to find the right contractor? 6 questions to ask!!

This is a reprint from an article from Yahoo News. Edited for content.

No matter how big or small the home remodeling project, you can find the perfect contractor by posing the right questions.
Getting antsy to remodel your home? You might think your kitchen or bathroom needs a remodel right this minute, but remember: Haste makes waste.
Rather than rushing to hire the first – or even cheapest – contractor you come across, asking the right questions upfront will help you filter out the bad apples and find a reputable contractor to meet your needs.
“I want my clients to feel 100 percent comfortable with me,” says Shawn Kruse, president of the Remodeling Contractors Association of Connecticut and owner of Kruse Home Improvement, LLC. “And honestly, the more investigation they do about me and questions they ask me, the better it is for me. It helps me get the job.”
As Kruse points out, a thorough investigation can benefit both parties in the end.
“Potential clients learn about your credentials, background and experience. They start to get to know you and see if your personalities can get along,” Kruse acknowledges.
You may know exactly what you want out of your remodel – from the fixtures to the flooring – but you should know what you want from your contractor, too. Don’t settle for the first or cheapest bid. Your contractor will control the project – and probably your stress level – from start to finish, so it’s important the two of you are a good match.
If you want to find a contractor who suits your needs, try asking these six questions during the interview.
Question #1: What’s Your Business History (and Much More)?
You wouldn’t hire a surgeon without knowing how many surgeries he or she has performed, would you? Well, your home is about to go under the knife, so you’ll want to evaluate contractors with the same level of scrutiny.
Kruse suggests first asking questions about a company’s business practices and experiences with the remodeling project you need. Find out what kind of procedures and rules this contractor would follow to meet your demands.
Here are a few other things Kruse thinks you should ask contractors:
• How long have you been in business?
• Are you licensed by the state?
• What percentage of your clientele is repeat or referral business?
• Are you a member of a national trade association?
• Do you have a list of references from past projects similar to mine?
• Have you or your employees been certified in remodeling or had any special training or education?
Question #2: Do You Provide a Detailed Written Contract?
Misunderstandings happen. People forget. Things change. But a contract helps both you and the contractor know what is expected from both parties.
Every job, no matter how small, should have a signed contract by the contractor and customer, Kruse says. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Not so fast – the devil is in the details.
“A contract should be very specific and point out step by step what will be going on throughout the project and before it even begins,” he adds.
Some things that should be on a contract – all written in great detail – include:
• Names, addresses, and phone numbers of all parties involved in the project, including vendors
• Detailed list of the work to be completed
• List of each product along with its price and model number
• Who is responsible for pulling permits
• Where deliveries will go and where the dumpster will be placed
• What time the workers begin and end their day
• Project’s start and completion dates plus payment schedule
• All work carried out by subcontractors

Anything that changes along the way must be written and signed in a change order, which makes sure everyone is in agreement on the change, price, time, or anything else that is adjusted from the original contract.
Question #3: How Much Do I Need to Put Down?
If the contractor asks you to pay for all of the project’s cost upfront, it’s time to find another contractor. An unreasonable deposit is the first sign something is fishy, Kruse says.
The Better Business Bureau’s website suggests going by the rule of thirds: Pay one third at the beginning of the project, one third when work is 50 percent complete, and one third after it is final and you are satisfied with the outcome.
But chances are your contractor will have a formula to determine how much money is needed to get the job started. “Most contractors go with a 15 percent down payment on larger projects,” Kruse says. “My clients usually give me the 15 percent deposit at the same time they hand me the signed contract.”
Keep in mind that if the job is a small one, it’s okay to provide money for the cost of materials – which might be 50 percent of the job or a little more, he says.
Question #4: Can I Get Itemized Price Estimates?
Some contractors like to hand you a bid with one price estimate for the entire project because it’s less work on their end. Don’t let them. You will need details on all the costs associated with the project and each item purchased.
Here’s why an itemized estimate is essential: If midway through the project you decide to put in a less expensive countertop than the one originally discussed, you need to know the exact cost of the first countertop. Without it, you have no way of knowing how much of a credit you should receive.
An itemized price list should detail the cost of labor, demolition, materials, electrical, plumbing, permits, and more.
Kruse explains how an itemized estimate is better for client and contractor: “It just makes it easier to track work, and it’s transparent to both the client and I of what is expected on the job. I also offer my preferred vendor list to our clients so they know who we are buying their products from.”
Some contractors use their estimates as proposals, but these might be very inaccurate and could mislead the homeowner, Kruse says. Don’t assume anything. Be certain that once you sign a contract, what you see on paper is what you will be paying.
Question #5: Who Will Be at the Site?
Just hiring your contractor doesn’t ensure he or she will be the one hammering and sawing. They might only show up to sign the contract and present the finished product. It’s important to know that certain contractors manage their companies by getting bids or supervising many job sites at once and are not hands-on people.
How do you find out which one you have? “Ask potential contractors who is going to be in charge of your project at all times,” Kruse says. “You need to meet with that person, get a feel for what he/she is like and get acquainted a bit.
In their “Home Sweet Home Improvement” guide, the Federal Trade Commission urges homeowners to ask if subcontractors will be used on the project. If so, homeowners should ask to meet them to make sure they have insurance coverage and proper licenses.
Question #6: Do You Think We Can Get Along?
Just like any good relationship, the one between you and your contractor should have harmony, communication, and collaboration. Some personalities and styles just don’t mesh, so don’t pick someone just because their bid is the lowest, says Kruse.
Your contractor will be part of your daily existence for quite some time. They will see how your children behave, how you don’t water your plants, and how your breakfast dishes sit in the sink all day.
Hiring a contractor without much thought can be a big mistake, says Kruse. “Sometimes [homeowners] end up with work that is less than adequate, or they give these shady contractors a large chunk of money upfront and then they never show up again.”
Protecting yourself from these nightmares means knowing exactly who your contractors are before you hire them. After all, it doesn’t hurt to ask – but it sure could hurt if you don’t.

Custom Stands and Canopys built for a few of our Retail outlets!

These are a couple new design custom built for a few of our awesome out lets.

First up is a 2 tone custom bead board aquarium stand and canopy. This was built for our flag ship store Aquatic Dreams! You can purchase stands, canopy’s, fish and corals from their on line store at   www. Aquaticdreamer.com


Second up is a custom Rustic Maple aquarium stand. This was commissioned by Exotic Reef for a frog tank!! Check out their new store in Orem. Online at www.exoticreefonline.com



And last but not least is a custom 5′ aquarium stand crafted in clear alder. It is a 100g acrylic aquarium. Beautiful color and design.  This was crafted for Reef Kingdom in Ogden Utah on line at www.reefkingdom.com




We appreciate or local fish stores and maintenance company’s for insisting on only the highest quality in stands and canopy’s!!

Trully a Beautiful Antique Quartersawn Aquarium Stand and canopy!

We do a lot of different pieces of Aquarium Furniture. Every once in a while we do something that is really unique and special.

It is our pleasure to bring this Unique Quartersawn Stand and canopy to you today. It is a completely custom build for a 180/210g   aquarium.

Aquarium Creations commissioned it with the instructions to make it look like an antique piece of furniture to fit in with the other antiques in the house. From the straight lines to the custom build crown it gets its inspiration from both the mission and craftsman eras.

I believe you will find it as beautiful to look at as well as extremely functional in design and use.

Remember to contact us for any Aquarium furniture needs. WE don’t supply particle board built crap as other venders do. We hand craft every piece our selves and the attention to detail is far above the norm. We ship any where in the states and can do a rush service when its needed.

You’ve seen the rest, Now buy the best!!







Can you belive this Modern Contemporary Den???

This beautiful den is built  out of Quartersawn white oak.

IT features a truly contemporary look with all the functions of modern day technology. It features custom cut crown, Under counter lighting and rope lights above for truly awesome accent lighting.

With the added desk on the side it makes this den both functional and beautiful. We manufactured both the cabinets and the beautiful white granite that tops off the base cabinets.

We thank the home owner who took the time to supply us with the fabulous pictures!!!!!

Contemporary Quartersawn Oak Den

Welcome Aquarium Creations!!! 277g built in Star fire beauty!!!!!!!!!

We welcome Aquarium Creations of Salt Lake City to our family of distributors.

Aquarium Creations fabricates High Quality Star Fire Aquariums.

We have dealt with Aquariums from  Lemar, Aquatic Dreams,  and several other “Big” aquarium Manufactures over the years. Eric from Aquarium Creations definitely  builds as high a quality, if not better than some of the suppliers we have seen. And at a LOCAL level. They are not new to this game! Aquarium Creations have been fabricating tanks for 10+ years.


Here is an install we did Friday with a aquarium tank fabricated by Aquarium Creations. 277g Star Fire Glass.

This is the rendering we supplied, and the final product!






What a beautiful Set up!!

Again if your looking for a custom tank DON’T over look the quality of the tanks fabricated by Aquarium Creations.

We are Happy to include them on our short list of Quality  Aquarium Manufactures!!!

Aquatic Dreams


Aquarium Creations

Beautiful Room divider shipped to Virginia!!!!

This is a beautiful clear alder room divider fabricated and shipped to Virginia. The very discerning customer wanted a very custom cabinet  built to match the furnishings of his beautiful home.


This is a picture supplied by our awesome client.  and a testimonial “So, the stand arrived yesterday.  First, the freight company was easy to work with.  They delivered it at our convenience and the driver even brought the unit into the garage.  You packed it very well, and it survived the trip unscathed.  I must say, I’ve never seen a more beautifully built piece of furniture!  Form, fit and finish are simply outstanding.  It’s incredibly heavy, but I’d rather have that be the case than the opposite.  Thank you!”


Welcome Fish and Frags in St. George

We would like to welcome Fish and Frags in Saint George Utah as out newest authorized Distributor for Amazing Aquarium Furniture!!!

They are scheduled to open in the next couple weeks.

We wish Phil and his staff all the best of fortune in their new endeavor!!!

Here is the list of Stores in Utah that carries or has the ability to special order.

Our Flag ship store!!!!

Aquatic Dreams in Clearfield.                                       www.aquaticdreamer.com

Fish 4 You in Salt Lake City.                                          www.rockymountainreef.com

Aquarium Arts (bird World) in Bountiful                www.petvillageutah.com

Mountain Shadow Marine in Centerville                 www.msmaquatics.com

Reef Runners in Orem.                                                    www.reefrunners.net

Aquarium Masters in Ogden.                                       www.ap-masters.com

Exotic Reef in Orem.                                                        www.exoticreefonline.com

Fish and Frags in St. George.                                        www.fishandfrags.com


Be sure to check out these stores while in the area for the best in Aquarium supplies, Fish Corals and Aquarium Furniture!!!!!!!!


If your out of state, either contact us directly or Call Ryan and Ben at Aquatic Dreams for shipping information on your next quality piece of Aquarium Furniture!!!!!!!!

Shipping for your Wet Pets new home!!!

Hello all!! Ive been so behind on updating this blog. Please forgive me!!
As most know we not only do custom cabinets and counter tops we also have an Aquarium furniture department that is kicking butt and taking names. Just this month we have shipped a 120 to Atlanta,

a 75/90 to Indiana






and a beautiful custom room divider to Virginia.


We supply several stores here in the State of Utah as well as a Store in New York that we are negotiating a contract with. Now shipping is an expense to take in to account when making the decision to  purchase a top of the line piece of furniture but as one of our out of state clients said. “After looking around locally and finding nothing but pre-made junk, or inferior  built ” some what custom stands”. We decided that with our investment in our hobby, the cost of a quality Stand and Canopy was a small investment in the overall enjoyment of this lifestyle.”Remember if you want a custom piece of aquarium furniture then you really owe it to your self to buy from a company that actually keeps Marine Reef Aquariums them self’s. These are built by those that understand what is needed for the up most in convenience and safety of your wet pets!


Shipping runs anywhere from $250  + insurance to $700 + insurance for 180/210. We prep them like no other as you can see from the following pictures!!!


As always give us a call if your wanting  a lasting piece of furniture that not only is beautiful and functional, but is built with the safety of your investment in mind. As always anything over 100g is manufactured with our engineered internal framing.

New York carpenter remembered as hero to New Orleans Fire Department

As the casket was carried out of the church, a group of New Orleans firefighters wearing dress blues snapped to attention and saluted, choking back tears.

crimmins.jpgView full size John McCusker, The Times-Picayune archive Gerry Crimmins, of the New York District Council of Carpenters Labor Technical College, signs a beam at Engine 38 fire house in New Orleans in August, 2009. The New Orleans Fire Department lost 22 of its 33 firehouses to Hurricane Katrina.

Despite their uniforms, the hero they were honoring was not a member of their ranks. At least not officially.

Gerry Crimmins, 51, was a New Yorker who came to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and managed to help rebuild 11 of the 22 firehouses damaged in the storm while bureaucrats dithered.

He died Oct. 21 of liver cancer.

“Gerry became one of us,” said NOFD Assistant Superintendent Timothy McConnell, one of several local firefighters who flew to New York City to pay tribute. “I don’t know how we could have kept this department together morale-wise if our guys were still working out of trailers.”

Crimmins, with his bald head and stocky frame, committed himself to New Orleans in the fall of 2006 after visiting his son, who studied at Loyola University. The devastation he saw stunned him. He flew back home and resolved to repair the wreckage with the skills he learned as a union carpenter and carpentry instructor.

Moved to volunteer

He learned that a firefighter foundation started by “Rescue Me” star Denis Leary had donated more than a dozen aluminum rescue boats to the NOFD, which had relied the personal boats of firefighters to rescue flood victims. Moved, Crimmins fired off an e-mail message to Leary’s foundation and offered his expertise and that of his union for any potential construction efforts.

Angela Coyle, who managed projects for the actor’s foundation, received Crimmins’ message and immediately phoned him. Start recruiting volunteers, she told him, because the foundation wants to rebuild the city’s damaged firehouses.

Crimmins solicited tools, drywall, cabinets and other supplies from vendors across the country. Then he rounded up 200 co-workers and students, as well as union carpenters in Louisiana, willing to donate their time. During the next couple of years, Crimmins flew to New Orleans 24 times to hammer, nail and drill alongside the volunteers.

As the hardest-hit firehouses were fixed, firefighters moved out of their temporary trailers. They responded to emergencies twice as fast. Residents were safer.

“Gerry had an energy … that charmed you,” said Chuck Brokmeier, a retired NOFD captain who volunteered to work at many of the houses. “If there was good in you somewhere, he brought it out.”

‘Not done’

The months just before and after the completion of the Leary Foundation project in August 2009 were among the happiest for Crimmins. He formed close friendships with McConnell and Brokmeier, who helped him manage the carpentry mission. His sons, Dereck and Austin, were excelling in college. He had fallen in love with Coyle, the project manager for the Leary Foundation. The two were engaged.

The couple even founded a charity-minded corporation in New York and dreamed about retrofitting the homes of paralyzed military veterans with wheelchair ramps, shorter counter tops, wider doorways and modified bathrooms.

In November 2009, while the couple was preparing for their wedding, Crimmins scheduled a medical check-up. Doctors discovered a cancerous tumor in his liver.

Surgeons removed Crimmins’ liver. He underwent three courses of chemotherapy and two courses of radiation treatment, but nothing worked. The disease spread to Crimmins’ kidneys, his lungs and his bones.

But “he was not done with New Orleans,” Coyle said. “Not at all.”

One more for New Orleans

As the end neared, Crimmins called McConnell and Brokmeier and asked them to find a children’s play spot that needed fixing.

The pair told Crimmins that Odile Davis Playground in the Desire area needed help badly. Crimmins, though weakened, recruited students and co-workers and flew them to New Orleans.

The carpenters put up new batting cages, new awnings and new bleachers, and renovated the bathrooms, during one week in May. The next time McConnell called Crimmins, Crimmins said, “So, what next?”

McConnell and Brokmeier visited Crimmins in New York twice during his illness to support him, but Crimmins died before they could launch another project.

Brokmeier and McConnell returned from Crimmins’ funeral early Wednesday. Sitting in an office at NOFD headquarters, the pair vowed to regularly lead volunteer restorations of playgrounds and blighted homes “to keep his spirit alive.”

Coyle, speaking by phone from New York, echoed their promise. She intends to keep running the corporation she and her fiance founded.

“Gerard had so much more he wanted to accomplish,” she said. “We will accomplish it for him.”

Ramon Antonio Vargas can be reached at rvargas@timespicayune.com or 504.826.3371.

Adopt a Contractor and Protect Your Assets

If you are sitting on a million dollars or half a million dollars or even $200,000, you might consider getting advice from a financial adviser. With that kind of money, you’d want the best advice on how to grow your investment. During your first session with him you are going to go over your goals and ambitions, what assets you have, and when and how you plan to retire. With this information, your adviser will put together a plan to help you achieve your goals. You may put some of the money in stocks, some in bonds and some in annuities. At certain milestones you’ll change the funds from one place to another to maximize your return. Most of you will stick with your adviser for life, if he does a good job for you. Having a good financial adviser turns out to be a good move for you and your family.

We’ve all heard that most people’s homes are their largest assets. This is repeated in many ways, and in many circumstances. We’ve heard it so many times that it is rather a cliché of sorts, and we don’t give it that much thought. All we know is that when the time comes to sell our homes, we hope to get a good return on our investment.

So, how many of you have hired a financial adviser to protect your home, your largest asset in most cases? I’m guessing that very few have. Most live by the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule. When you think about this philosophy, as far as your house goes, it’s plain dumb. Take a look at car maintenance for instance. Do you perform routine preventative maintenance on it? Sure you do. You don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road somewhere. What if the airlines adopted that philosophy? Now that’s scary. Nobody would want to fly anymore. So why let your house rot, and then fix it. Why have your furnace fail on a cold night, and then fix it. Why let your home decrease in value when it could be increasing in value with routine maintenance.

I think you get my point by now. Routine maintenance on your home is very important, not only financially, but also in terms of your comfort and convenience. You need a trusted adviser to look over your entire home and see when certain parts of the home need to be replaced or serviced. You need to know when the repairs or maintenance will be needed and how much it will cost. It’s time to —– Adopt a contractor!

Just as you hired your financial adviser, you need to interview a few contractors and get references. She or he need to be experienced with all facets of your home. I would suggest a full service remodeler, possibly with design-then-build experience. They need to know what products are best, and how they should be installed and who should install them. A good contractor should be surrounded by experts in all fields. She or he should have built relations with the best in the business, so you get the best advice and service when it is needed.

Your home is a system. Everything in your home has to work together. Your home’s function is to keep you warm and dry, safe and comfortable at all times. It is an envelope that protects you from the outside world. Find a contractor that understands this; one that can see the big picture, and will guide you toward the best possible return on your investment. This should be a long term relation, so that your contractor becomes familiar with your home and your lifestyle and you know what to expect from your contractor. When you find such a person, life will be so much better. Now you can set up an annual budget for the future maintenance needs of your home and schedule them at your convenience.

Your contractor may not wear a suit and tie, but he may well be the most important financial adviser you’ve ever hired.

Republished by permission from Chattanooga Remodeler

Custom Kitchen Cabinets vs. Stocked Cabinets

So you’ve finally decided to remodel your kitchen, but can’t decide whether to go with custom built or stock cabinets. The first thing you need to consider is your project budget. A large portion of the money allocated for a kitchen renovation will be used for replacing the cabinets, as these are the most expensive part of your kitchen.

Because the cabinets are the most obvious parts of the kitchen decoration, you need to be sure that they will reflect the nature of your kitchen’s style, regardless of whether you buy stock or custom cabinets. However, as cabinets take up such a large portion of a kitchen remodeling budget, stock cabinets can be the best choice for rentals and flip homes. Or those wishing to see their money stretch a little farther and spent on other aspects of the renovation.

Because they’re mass produced, stock cabinets cost less. Custom cabinets require careful and individual care and lots of time to build, so they cost a bit more to produce. The quality can range from ok to absolute terrible for stock cabinets. We only carry brands that we can feel ok about being associated with. They are the upper line of import cabinets so they are not “Dirt Cheap” as some advertize. They are also limited in sizes, colors, and wood choices

Stock cabinets also can be delivered faster than custom built. Custom cabinets are built from the ground up and can take a couple weeks to complete. They take careful planning to prepare for and patience to wait for. Stock cabinets are built in standard sizes, wood choices, configurations and finishes, and are held in the manufacturer’s or the distributor’s inventory until they are ordered. This allows their shipping time to be cut down considerably. Once ordered by you, delivery can take as little as 24 hours for natural finishes and two weeks for upgrade finishes, which seriously lowers the turnaround time on a home renovation project. Installation time varies by the schedule that we are already running.

While stock cabinets may not be the suitable choice for all kitchens, for some they offer functionality, quality and style for less than the price of custom.

Just as a parting word of caution. While we distribute a higher quality import than most we sometimes loss track of the issues most stock cabinets have. When you are looking at stock cabinets be very aware of some of the less desirable traits. Like 3/8 particle board sides, Melamine drawers, and Photo finish doors and drawer fronts. Unfortunately these are the traits that most home centers are selling. Do they work? Yes. Are they going to last the long haul? Well that up to you.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin.

Richlite. Uses and fabrication warnings.

Time and time again Ive been asked about the uses of Richlite and Paper Stone. There are a lot of misconceptions out there on these products. Especially the price.

Lets start from the beginning. Richlite was originally developed for the boating industry. They produce a product called Whalelite for stringers on boats. They also produce a product called Skatelite for skate board parks.

From this came a need for an architectural product for home and commercial use.  Now Richlite is a parer based product and phenolic resins.

Richlite is a green product and you can read all of that here. http://www.richlite.com/countertop/faqenv.html#1

Richlite is used for counter tops, siding on buildings. Cabinet ends and many many more uses.

Fabrication is primarily the same as wood/solid surface. It will cut with carbide blades and can be routered with carbide bits. We prefer to use a cnc as much as possible. Sinks can be under mounted for a truly built in look. Under Counter tops on our web site you will see some examples of tops done with under mounted sinks.

Couple things you need to be aware of when working with Richlite or Paper Stone.  It is layers of paper. If you sand through it (high probability if you are not used to working with it) it will leave you with a ring pattern like throwing a rock into a puddle of water. There is no fix for this other than starting over with new material. There is no perfect way to seam this with out proper tools. Ie. Vacuum clamps, biscuit jointer and proper epoxy.

The surface needs to be sanded with a various grits of sand paper to get a smooth glass finish. Again being watchful for sand through.

As far as costs.

There is a lot of opinions running around out there in the internet. The truth is a 4′ x 8′ 1.25″ thick sheet will run you about $1200 with shipping.

We start at  $30 per sq foot fabrication/installation and go from there depending on holes, sinks, cook tops, etc. I had a gentleman complain that he knows he can get it done for under $20 a square foot because the internet said so. Since we are the only certified Fabricator in the State of Utah at this time we get the best pricing on the product. The sheet itself costs $37.5 per sq ft. Like they say.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

For more information see www.richlite.com

Beware of Crappy Carpenters!!!! Hire professionals for your Wet Pets!!!

Check this out. We were asked to go recover a Aquarium for a Client from a Building that was being gutted for a remodel. The cabinets them selves are not bad. There are things that we would do different to make them more structurally sound but not bad over all. The shock came as we started to tear the thing apart to remove it. Keep in mind our client wanted to reuse this in their home.

First thing. The tank is a 180g reef ready tank. With water sand and rock it will be approx 2300 to 2700lbs.  Not a big deal to those that take pride and understand these things.

Remember that if the base the tank is sitting on is not perfectly flat and true then the tank will flex causing the glass to deflect. You can have seams split or worse the glass can shatter. I’m hoping the tank hasn’t suffered seam issues or it will need to be re sealed.

Avoid Bad Carpentry

We found, Cardboard, Styrofoam. chunks of mdf as well as just plain old crap used as shims.

Avoid Bad Carpentry

Avoid Bad Carpentry

Avoid Bad Carpentry

How about NO shims just hanging legs!!!

Avoid Bad Carpentry

The moral of the story is. Hire professionals that know what the heck they are doing. Your Wet Pets are the ones that suffer and your money is wasted should there be a disaster.

Equipment expansion!!!

Hello. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our Granite division!! We purchased a new/used Granite Beam Saw for the stone shop. This purchase will increase our capabilities to improve lead times and increase the options that we can offer to you. This machine will make it possible to offer miter fold edges as well as cutting our production time in half.

These are pictures of the set up in the shop that we removed it from.

Granite Saw

Table is completely movable including standing up to accept the slab of Granite, Quartz, Soap stone, Ice Stone or any other material needed.

Granite Saw

Once we got it broken down, we loaded it up and headed down the freeway!!

Granite Saw

Granite Saw

Here we are arriving at our shop. We planned on 3-4 houris to move this Beam Saw and it ended up taking 8+ houris.  We had to put new tires on one of the trailers during this adventure and almost punched a hole through the other trailer. Needless to say we left them on the trailer and will unload and start installing tomorrow :)

Granite Saw

Granite Saw

Granite Saw

Granite Saw

Almost went through the floor of the trailer!! that would have been disastrous!!!!!!

Granite Saw

Custom Red Cedar Kitchen Remodel. Before and After.

Home owners have a lot of questions on how we go about remodeling a kitchen. In this installment we wanted to show another before, during and after,  photo journal of a kitchen we just completed.

As a full service general contractor we can handle all phases of a kitchen and bath remodel. And as a reminder we are a Custom Cabinet manufacture as well as Fabricating our own counter tops.

This home is in Farmington Utah. The home owner wanted custom cabinets in a rustic look, that was both unique and beautiful.

These are the pictures of the kitchen before we were turned lose on it. The homeowner took these pictures. As you can see the cabinets are your basic builders oak. Nothing special. The Counter top is your basic gray laminate with 15 years of use on it. The floor is 2.25″ cheap oak. (Nasty) All has to come out.

Then there is always  our Awesome Carpenter Model!!

These were taken while the kitchen was being torn out. Counter tops, cabinets, and pantry were removed. Then the hardwood, sub floor and old tile was removed.

After cabinets and counter tops are out the floor and sub floor is removed. New 1/2″ ply is then glued down. Most contractors use 3/8 particle board for sub floor. This is a cheap way to go. If you have a water leak, particle board will come apart and your floor will be ruined. Ply offers you 2 advantages.

1- It is more water resistant. If it swells it wont disintegrate the way particle board does.

2- It is considerably more solid. Advantages are that there is less flex. Meaning you have far less problems with tile cracking and grout breaking apart.

Here is the ply sub floor being installed.

Installation of Custom Cabinets. These are manufactured by us in our Custom Cabinet shop. These are European design cabinets. Meaning they do not have face frames. They are 3/4 Fused Melamine boxes with fully adjustable shelving. All cabinets have solid wood edging. We prefer to use solid wood over edge banding. Solid wood edging ages as the cabinets do.

Note the removal of the built in pantry. We relocated the fridge to the end where it is more convenient for the home owner. Then built 2 pantry cabinets to replace the pantry and little cabinets that were there. All shelves are pull out style with soft close full extension hardware.

And now the pictures of the kitchen in its current state. The homeowner is doing their own paint. As you can see we have installed totally custom Tennessee Red Cedar Cabinets. Caesar-stone counter tops with a E-Granite under mount sink. We installed 12×12 tile on the floor with a 4×4 white tile for the back splash. This was laid on a brick style pattern with a glass accent stripe. All doors are on Salice soft close hinges and all drawers are controlled by Salice soft close full extension hardware. Handles are from Hardware Resources.

Young Lady  wandering through.

Showing the Custom Dish Drawers.

Built in custom office cabinets. Organizing all of the typical “Stuff” that collects in your kitchen.

These are under counter cabinets on the bar back.

The upper cabinets are a full 12″ deep for maximum storage of dishes.

Bar Back. Awesome Caesar stone counter top with clipped corner.

Awesome Caesar stone Quartz,  Counter top.

Couple parting shots of this truly custom Kitchen.

Hope this answers some of your questions. Give us a call for a  free estimate on your next remodel project.

Custom Pirate Galley. Rustic and Beautiful!

After 2 years in the planning of the  “Pirate Galley”  It has been completed.

This Custom Kitchenette was inspired by a home owner that had a vision, and the will to follow it through to the end. The custom Fabricated cabinets were to have the feel and look of a Pirate Ships Galley. From the Barrel cabinets to the hardware on the Custom end panels, The home owner has thought and debated on how He wanted it to look.

The base cabinets on the outer wall are real Whiskey barrels from Kentucky Barrel.  As you can see not only are they cool looking, they are completely usable with Lazy Susan’s installed. One issue we didnt know was that when you cut these open to make a door. You find that the barrel has been burnt on the inside. Im assumeing to make the whiskey have a ask taste? Any way we had to grind out the insides of the barrels before they could be laquered and lazy susans assembled. (I wish I had taken pictures of Adam after he had accomplished this task. =)

Upper Barrels are hand crafted by us with doner Barrels supplied from Maine Barrel company. We would like to extend our thanks to Maine Barrel Company for their help in the procurement of these.  Highly Recommended!!!! As you can see we built these custom shelving units with the Cedar Barrels as Doors. A word of advise. Cedar barrels are sold for display use. They are not built to any kind of cabinet specs. As a result we had to take them apart and rebuild them to make our awesome barrel doors.

Of course there is the awesome Custom Island with a hand built copper farm sink.

These are Dish Washer Drawers. Sweet Built ins.

Of course you cant miss the outstanding Hand Crafted Russian Range hood. Absolutely breathtaking.

Then there is the Totally Custom hand crafted copper edge work on the Granite counter tops. The Tops were fabricated by Unique Granite out of Salt Lake City. The owner learned the craft of  applying copper, and silver to counter edges while working in the shops at Disney Land. As you can see it is a painstaking endeavor complete with the addition of bolt heads. After the pictures of this top I will add a couple of Unique other optional  edges.

This is a hand applied Silver edge.

This is another hand Applied Copper edge with a rope mold added.

The final component to the Pirate Galley is the neat built in Sub Zero Fridge/Freezer combo. This was purchased by the Homeowner prior to the Idea of the Pirate Gallery.

The other end is the Awesome Lemar Flat Back Hex Aquarium. The custom wrap and hood was crafted by some one else. The home owner did some trade work for it.

As you know we are involved in the local Marine Community and are impressed in the homeowners superb reef keeping skills.

We hope you have enjoyed a little peak at our Pirates Galley.

Do you know how to protect yourself from shady Contractors?

In this time and economy it’s more important than ever to  protect yourself from crappy contractors and shady Home “improvement” companies.
Since we specialize in Remodeling, Custom Cabinets and Counter tops I will  dwell on those the most.
Let’s look at some of the issues at hand.
1- Unlicensed contractors. If in doubt look them up!!
In Utah the web site is https://secure.utah.gov/llv/search/index.html;jsessionid=0648d79e3a2600629ce35bb39235
You can see if they are licensed, what they are licensed for, and if there are any outstanding issues with their license. Have I said it enough? Unlicensed contractors are ripping off many people every day.
2- Are they insured? Contractors carry both liability and workman’s comp insurance. This protects YOU as much as the contractor. If they have an accident and burn your home down. And they are not insured, then YOU have to fight with your homeowners to cover the damage caused by their negligence. What’s more, if one of their workers gets hurt in your home, then your homeowners has to cover their medical expenses.
No one is telling you this. It’s a little issue that everyone seems content to sweep under the rug and hope you never find out.
Let’s look at things out side of your home and out of your control. (or are they?)
3-Garage/Storage unit contractors. There is nothing wrong with having your office out of your home. I personally do it for the tax write off. However it is illegal to be running a manufacturing company in the garage, back yard or barn. When I licensed my office, Farmington City sent me a long list of do’s and don’ts. They included how many company trucks could be on the premises (1) How many Company Trailers (0), How many signs (1 no more than 18×24), and a bold warning about having clients coming and going. Furthermore it stated that under Davis County law, and Utah Law you could not have any manufacturing. No outside storage of material or waste and no deliveries from trucks larger than 1.5 ton. I’ve checked with most of the city’s locally and they all seem to have the same type of law on their books.
Why do I bring this up?
If your cabinets, counter tops, furniture etc. Are being built in this environment; the company is most likely unlicensed. Again you can have an office but not a shop. Here is a scenario that has played out more than once. You pay your deposit. The company is in the production of your new cabinets. The city finds out that they are being produced illegally in their city. (Neighbors complain, drive by etc). They come in and shut down the company and you are out your money. What’s more scary is that the owner may go to jail under certain circumstances that I will get into in a minute.
We have gone in and finished many of these circumstances. It’s sad when a Customer has spent a chunk of money and now has to spend it again because of someone else’s ignorance.
Also we have found that due to not having the proper space to work, even with all the experience in the world. Most of these company’s do substandard work. I’ve seen many a client remiss about going with the lowest bidder hoping to beat the odds. In the end they spend more than the highest bid because of having to redo things.
Speaking of Quality. I am seeing more and more garage granite coming out to the job sites. Please beware of this. There is nothing like getting your granite tops installed to find that they were cut dry with a skill saw rather than wet with the proper saws. Cutting wet lubricates the blade and keeps from burning the granite. Also when its cut wet with a Beam or Track saw you get straight true lines. With a skill saw you get a wavy cut and typically if you look close enough there are saw marks in the polish.
The other next great thing to hit the market is Chinese granite. You hear the ads for ½ price granite. And Granite tops for less than the price of the slab. Sounds great till they get there and you see that they are cutting the sink hole on the front lawn. Again with a skill say and dry polished out. Then you have the issue of seams. We lost a bid to one of these companies. We installed the kitchen cabinets, but because our Granite bid was $300 more than this other company the homeowner chose to use them. In this kitchen we would have had 1 seam. Because of the way this company used prefab sections 4’ long they ended up with 12 seams. You are money ahead to use granite tiles rather than use this stuff. Besides the 12 seams there were 2-3 different color lots. Nothing like seeing color changes every 4 feet in your kitchen. They gave up a lot for $300.
Back to cabinets and furniture for a minute. If a Guy is building out of his garage then his environment is very dusty. It’s almost impossible to get a awesome finish with those circumstances. Besides the issue of the over spray and waste fumes have to go somewhere. Most of these guys are pumping it into the air out side of their homes. It’s toxic, dirty and illegal. The EPA has regulations on spraying for a reason. You wouldn’t want your kids breathing toxic fumes any more than you would want to breathe it. (If caught it is a massive fine as well as Jail time depending on what they can prove) Even if they beat the Jail time, the fines will put them out of business and your money will be lost.
I know a lot of Electricians, Plumbers and the like that use their garages for a storage unit to house their stock. That’s not as much of a concern to me. However it is nice to see a contractor that has invested in his company to have a shop of some sort. It tells me that he is in it for the long haul and not just for today.
Ok you have found a great guy that seems to have it altogether. His Company’s name is *Insert name* Handy man service. Just a word of warning. These guys can be licensed by the state but they can only have $1000 worth of work being performed at any one time. That INCLUDES material and labor. If they are working on your home for more than the $1000 cap or they are working multiple jobs then it’s a good bet that they are operating illegally. Real contractors have a million dollar liability policy and are typically licensed to do anywhere from 50k to a million dollars of work in the process.
What’s more a Handy man typically is a JACK of all trades and a MASTER of none.

Ok so now you have a little knowledge of how some contractors operate. How can you protect yourself? Realize that there is never absolute protection but you can definitely swing all risks in your favor.
1- Always check for licensing. I gave the web site above. Understand that anyone working in the Construction industry is a “Contractor” If you’re having a home built then you are looking for someone with a B100 license. If you’re doing a remodel that requires structural changes then You use a B100 or a R100 Contractor. NO one else is licensed to change your home structurally, legally. For all other remodels a R101 is legal. These three licenses are the ones that can pull your building permits with the various cities. A plumber can pull a plumbing permit. An electrician a electrical permit and so on. Now you plumber/electrician may have a R101 licensee. You can find that out through the web site listed above.
2-ALWAYS insist on a building Permit if you’re doing a big home remodel, a remodel that involves structural changes, Or if you’re not that comfortable with your contractor. It will cost you more for your project in both time and money. If your contractor refuses to pull a permit then you need to run.
3- There is nothing wrong with asking for certificates of insurance for both liability and workers comp. Your contractor should be very open and free with that information. We were bidding a project in Park City 2 years ago. The homeowner called for a meeting to discuss the project and give us our deposit check. While I was waiting for the meeting to start I noticed that NONE of the original group that was bidding on the project at the beginning was there. (We were all with a Interior Decorator out of Park City) After my time with the homeowner was over and all of the details were worked out. I asked about the lack of the original build team. The home owner informed us that we were the only Licensed and Insured contractors that were on the team. As a result they had fired the Interior Decorator and found their own licensed and insured Contractor and subs. Because we were proper in our dealings we were kept on to do the cabinet part of the project that we had bid. (As a result we did a couple more projects for the home owners as well)
4- Ask around. Have your friends, people at work, Church or local clubs ever used the contractor you’re looking for. Its amazing the amount of information you may find. Always Google the contractor in question. Both the company name as well as their own. You may find that the Company shows great but the persons own name comes up with undesirable information. Police records, news articles as well as references in others blogs might give you reason to pause. For instance, we were doing work for a couple of professional ladies a year ago. These two were having issues with a fencing contractor and were not sure what his issue was. I suggested they Google him and see if there was any info on him and they found a blog that he kept, detailing his hatred for gays, lesbians, and people of color. It amazed the hell out of me that someone with so much hatred was out servicing people’s homes.
5-Don’t hesitate to ask for references. Realizing that no one in their right mind would give a bad reference. But it’s good to know they have no issue in giving them.
6- Go to their shop. Do they have an investment in buildings, machinery etc. If a shop has a ton of new shiny equipment then you have to ask, Do they have an incredible over head with payments to support this? Or are they so profitable that they can afford it? Sadly it usually is the first. When the market had its drop, those shops with high overhead and payments were the first to go under. Those with some cash reserves held on and they are also falling by the waste side. I prefer to deal with shops that are running older fleets of Vehicles. Their equipment is older and they usually have a shop full. Rather than scrimping on equipment due to lack of money. And the owner doesn’t have a look of stress on him at all times. Why? Because the equipment and vehicles are typically paid off and his/her overhead is low, allowing them to run at a lower profit margin and survive the market.
7- Does the Contractor have years of experience under his/her belt or are they new to the field. You only need 5 years of working under a contractor to become one. By way of comparison an Electrician and plumber have 5-10 years of school and apprenticeship before they can be licensed.

8-Do they have a web site? If so do they have all pertinent information like Address? Phone number? Information about the company? Not having a web site is not a bad thing. Although I can’t imagine not having one in this day and age. But if there isn’t any information about where they are, how to get a hold of them (cell phones don’t count) or any back ground on them then you run the risk of them disappearing. I know of a couple companies that have issues with honesty, integrity, and just plain being good people. They all have web sites that look good but don’t give you any real information. One is a cabinet company that has moved around from address to address. I’m assuming due to issues with money but I don’t know for sure. I searched out this company for a client a year ago and found that even though they were conduction business they did not have a business license or a contractor’s license. The first was resolved at that time but the second one never has.

9- When in doubt don’t. I hear of too many homeowners. Women especially that are being pushed into doing something that they really don’t want to do. If your contractor is being pushy, trying to make you decide on something you don’t want to do or not allowing you to make the choices you want, then drop them. There are a lot of good Contractors out there. Don’t ever rush into something as expensive as a remodel without you getting what you’re after.

Hope that helps with your contractor decisions.
Dion Richins

Hand Carved Cabinet Doors, Range Hoods and Valances!!!!

We are proud to announce a partnership with a extremely talented craftsman. All of the doors and panels you are about to see are hand carved with hand tools. No cnc machines. No unmanned equipment. This gentleman is a true craftsman in the truest sense. Besides doors and panels we also will supply valances, range hoods, custom corbels,and columns.

Lets look at these custom hand carved doors.

How about some cool wild life scenes? Cowboys and Indians?

Besides these custom hand carved doors and panels we are able to supply custom hand carved corbels, columns and mantels.

And last but not least here is a completely custom, Hand Carved Dresser.

As you can see this gentleman is a true artist and craftsman. We are proud to be in partnership with this truly Awesome Company.

Check our website for an expanded picture gallery of other examples of Custom hand carved doors, corbels, panels and Mantels.

Skin Job / Resurfaceing of an Existing Kitchen

Many times a cost efficient alternative to replacing an existing kitchen or vanity. For a little more or less than half of what new cabinets would cost to replace. You can replace your doors and drawer fronts with new doors and drawer fronts and “Skin” the surface of the old cabinets to make them look new again.

There are several ways that this is being done in the industry. I will go over a couple of them and explain why we do it the way we do.

There has been a rise in the use of a self sticking veneer that is stuck on the cabinet face. This can be either of a vinyl nature or wood. If it is a wood veneer (1/32+ “)  it will either come prefinished or finished on the job.

My personal recommendation is beware. Vinyl will always look cheap, will eventually peal and will not give much of a finish choice. Wood veneer has its own issues. If its pre finished its prone to have the finish crack, peel and flake apart. If its finished on the job then you have issues with the stain and lacquer being applied in your home. The chemical smells and over spray will be in your carpet, drapes and other furnishings for months to come. Even after you get used to them, your visitors will still smell it. If they are still leaching they will  be a problem for anyone that is sensitive to chemicals . The other issue with wood veneers is the way they are glued to the old cabinets. The only proper way to glue them down is with laminate glue. It is a contact adhesive that is sprayed on. Awesome glue if bought in industrial grade. The issues? 1-The cabinets MUST be degreased completely. (Requiring lots of chemically cleaning of the cabinet facing)  If there is any residue left the glue will not adhere properly and the veneer will peel off.  2- The glue is sprayed. As you can guess. It takes a lot of masking to keep the glue from getting where you don’t want it to be. I have seen many skin jobs like these with tons of glue all over the inside of the homeowners cabinets. The home owners either have to live with it or do there best to clean it up.

As with everything. There is another way. We use a 1/4 mdf wood veneer for our skin. It is a more expensive way to skin but it gives us the following. Solid veneer to fill voids and imperfections in the cabinet facings.  Allows for solid side panels with out showing waves or imperfections of the old cabinets. Allows for proper fastening of the skin for years of trouble free use. No harsh chemicals used in your home or spray glues to worry about.

Add new counter tops, Drawers, Update for dishwasher etc and bring your kitchen up to date for  less than  the cost of new.

This Kitchen was updated with  new drawers, one new cabinet and new Richlite counter tops. The cabinets were skinned in natural vertical grain (Plyboo) Bamboo with Brownspoint (Richlite) counter tops.

As you can see it can be a dramatic change in a kitchens appearance.

Custom Aquarium Stand and Canopy

This is a Custom Aquarium Stand that was commissioned by a awesome customer that wanted it to be similar to their entertainment center. This is a Clear Alder piece of furniture. It has dental mold, crown, Custom built moldings and mitered doors.

The finish is a 3 step dye stain that takes several hours to apply with dry time. The result is a beautiful finish with an awesome depth that is hard to explain. You have to see it to believe it. I will take you on a picture tour from raw furniture to finished product in home.

And the Aquarium stand and Canopy in place at the clients home.

Custom Bathroom Remodel

Hello, It’s been a little bit since I updated my blog. We have been incredibly busy and I’m thankful for that. Today I’m going to bring you a bathroom that we recently remodeled. This bathroom had a wall that ran down it causing a little hall way between the bedroom and the closet. By removing the wall we expanded the bathroom by 3 feet wide. We took out the tub and moved the shower to the opposing wall. Add travertine tile, Custom cabinets, a Euro Glass door and you have a much more usable and enjoyable  bath.

As soon as the mirror is installed in the framing I will update this picture.

Quality Custom Remodels. Before and after.

Here at Richins Carpentry we specialize in custom furniture as well as quality remodeling. We are a full service contractor that can transform your out dated kitchen into a beautiful updated work of art for a fair price. Remodeling your kitchen is one of the most cost efficient ways to bring the value of your home up. We build with the best quality materials to give you the maximum value and quality for your Dollar. Our cabinets and counter tops will give you years of service low maintenance.

Take a look at this late sixties, early seventies kitchen. It is what you would normally find in a home of that age. This kitchen is complete with soffets to the ceiling and laminate tops. The microwave is using up much needed counter top space as well as a out dated single oven. Refrigerator cabinet is hidden behind the fridge making it practically useless. Kitchen has 1 light over the sink and one in the middle of the kitchen. We added 6 can lights as well as putting a can light over the sink.

During tear out.

After removing the cabinets/counter tops the soffets came down. Flooring was torn out and new sub floor was laid. Tile floor went in and walls and ceiling were textured. Once paint was applied then New cabinets were installed.

These are custom maple cabinets built in our own shop. The client loved the look of Alder but hated the softness of that wood. So we designed a color that could be applied to maple to give him the look with out the drawbacks of Alder. Also the homeowner had some awesome design ideas for the window treatment over the slider and look of the oven wall.

Counter tops are fabricated out of Cambria. A awesome Quartz product. Again Fabricated in our own facility. The homeowner handled their own back splash and I haven’t gotten new pictures to show the finished product. When I do I will post them.

Here are the finished product that I promised.

New Frame Design for 120g and up Aquarium Stands

In our continuing quest to be first in the Aquarium Furniture Market. We have Designed an engineered  frame for all of out 120g and up stands. We have always used 2×4 lumber that we plane and machine to straight and square material. The issue we came into is if the lumber sits in the show for a few weeks it twists and becomes useless. SO A idea was born. This way of construction is more expensive than what we have done in the past but it lends its self to be absolutely square, straight  and true in all dimensions. Guaranteeing you , The Customer, A perfect product that will lasts for decades to come.

Green Alternitive Building. Bamboo style.

Want an alternative to standard building?  One out of a truly Green Alternative with awesome style? The Answer is BAMBOO!!!

We have been using bamboo for several years now. Terragreen and Plyboo are the suppliers that we use to build out cabinets and furniture from. We also have supplied a couple of Sport Court Style hardwood flooring from Plyboo. We want to extend a special thanks to “The Green Builders Center” for their support and material over the last few years. (see their link on our web site)

At Richins Carpentry inc we have been supplying cabinets and counter tops for many leed certified jobs. Including the Palisades Court house in San Diego California. We offer Green Alternative  Material such as: Formaldehyde free plywood’s, Wheat board melamine, Bamboo, Durango Buralwood, Torzo, Richlite, Paperstone, Ice Stone and others.

This wet bar is from a leed certified Remodel in Park City. The cabinets are fabricated out of Natural Bamboo with Caramelized Bamboo as accents. The tops are recycled Brown Rainwater Granite. Other pictures are of other Green Alternative projects including Kitchens, Vanities, Counter tops etc.

Bamboo wet bar with built in fridge and wine pull out storage.

Custom Bamboo Server with built in wine fridge, Soffett and window treatment.

Bamboo Wet bar close up showing 2 tone detail and reclaimed granite counter top.

Bamboo kitchen in model home. Farmington Utah. Caesar Stone tops.

Caramelized Bamboo Vanity

3 form “Orange Crush” Counter tops. (recycled milk jugs)

Paper stone Counter tops.

Awesome Paper Stone kitchen

Bamboo and Alder mix. 180g aquarium

75g 2tone Bamboo Aquarium stand and canopy

120g Natural Bamboo Stand And Canopy

Murphy Bed Richins Style

How can you have a queen size bed for company and not have it take up a whole room?

How do you have that bed in the middle of a office that needs 2 work stations?

Enter the Custom Carpentry of Richins Carpentry inc. Not only did we solve the issue of a hidden bed, But we incorporated an awesome work station for when its up. This “Murphy bed” was custom built with the “Create a Bed” system. It is constructed out of oak with a fruit-wood stain and 3 coats of lacquer. As you can see we built this “Murphy bed” with a office system off to one side and a display cabinet on the other.

For all your custom carpentry and cabinetry needs give us a call at Richinscarpentry.com

Left side Of Murphy Style Bed

Paneled front of Murphy bed

Primary Work station with custom laminate counter top.

Create a Bed Hardware for Murphy Style Bed

Secondary work station built into the Murphy Style Bed.

Butcher Block Counter tops

I wanted to share one of our latest Counter top jobs. This went into a beautiful home in Park City Utah. It is a 1.5″ thick character Black Walnut Butcher Block Counter top and cutting board. This Butcher Block counter top replaced a tile granite top that suffered from damaged from changing stoves. Its not very well known the different options available in Butcher Block. We have Maple, Ash, Beech, Hickory, Red Oak, Cherry, and Black Walnut available. Some in both clear and rustic. See samples on our homepage under “Counter Tops”

How about a cool butcher block cutting board!!

If you’re interested in an Awesome Butcher Block top give us a ring for an estimate.

Mountain West Reef Fest 2009

Hello again, I’ve gotten behind while my web service was going through some growing pains. I’m back now with several new ideas and I am ready to get at it.

November came as a month of enjoyable new experiences. Richins Carpentry attended our first Aquarium Conference as a vendor. We have been to MACNA, Maxx and others but never to showcase our products. Aquarium stands are a very small part of our manufacturing operation but they are an incredible joy to produce. Mountain West Reef Fest was put on by the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society (Utahreefs.com) in Salt Lake City Utah. It was a first for them and it turned out to be an incredibility awesome event. Let me show you some of the incredible aquarium furniture we brought to display.

Floor space MWRF 2009

View from the Lounge

Here is a couple of new looks just for the show as well as a couple  “Oldies but Goodies”

Oak stand

Cedar Stand just cause it is cool!!!

Thanks to the Wasatch Marine Society for Putting on such a awesome Conference.

Handy man

The amount of people getting taken by Handy men has become increasingly distressing over the last few months,. In the state of Utah, Handy men are only licensed to do a maximum of $1000 per job. Including both material and labor. What we are finding is that these people are performing jobs way out of their legal range. How does this happen? They underbid legitimate shops. This happens due to them not having the proper licenses and insurance. They typically do not have a “shop” or any other place of business. No overhead, No insurance, No body to go after if/when things go bad.

What is happening is these Handy men are starting jobs and collecting their deposits. Then they either don’t come back or do sub par work because they either don’t have the skill or proper tools. There are many more Handy men doing a great job and working with in their legal bounds than not. However it is an ever increasing issue.

Please be careful and make sure your protected when hiring someone to work on your castle. Liability Insurance protects you in the event of a fire or other damage caused from your contractor. Workman’s comp protects you from an employee of the contractor suing you should he get hurt on your job. And a brick and mortar building, which the contractor works out of, protects you from a “fly by night” guy from just disappearing.

None of these things can protect you completely, but it surly gives you some peace of mind. Thanks Dion

Carved Aquarium Stands!!

Custom Aquarium Stands from Richins Carpentry and Digital Router Works.

This is a custom Aquarium Stand And Canopy commissioned from Ice Cap Ballast Co. For the 2009 MACNA conference. It is a custom Clear Alder Stand for a 75g tanks. As you see it has the “Beach Scene” and doors that we have become known for. Ice Cap raffled off this set up for the benefit of MACNA XXI.

Ice Cap Aquarium Standard canopy. MACNA xxi

Ice Cap carved Doors

This is our Famous Pirate Aquarium stand and canopy commissioned for the Wasatch Marine Aquarium Society for there 2006 Christmas raffle!!

www.utahreefs.com raffle tank

One more Raffle tank for 2009. This one is a custom Hickory Aquarium stand and canopy. It features our second beach scene.

Mountain West Reef Fest Custom Hickory Aquarium Stand

One more. This is Aquatic Dreams Main Display Aquarium . 4′x4′ carved on all sides.

Aquatic Dreams Display Aquarium

All of these awesome Aquarium stands and canopies are custom carved in house by our sister company Digital router works. As you can see we enjoy fabricate Custom Aquarium stands. What ever your dreams we can fulfill them. Check out our archive on the web site.

Aquarium Stands. From mild to Wild.

As you can see from our web site custom Aquarium stands are a joy for us to build as they are for the owners to show case. We fabricate Aquarium stands from every kind of wood from knotty alder to oak, maple and beyond.

Knotty Alder Aquarium Stand

Your Aquarium Stand can be a mix of maple and cherry if you desire.

Cherry and Maple mix.

Or you can chose to use Green Building Products and have your Aquarium Stand made out of Bamboo!! here are a couple of ideas.

Bamboo Aquarium Stand

120 aquarium stand and canopy

For the wild side you can go with a 300g Cherry Mission style stand and canopy.

300g Aquarium stand and canopy!!

Or how about a built in Aquarium!! We can do it all!!!

Knotty Alder Aquarium Stand.Bamboo and knotty alder built in Aquarium stand.

Oak, Built in Aquarium stand. Custom oak Built in Aquarium Stand.

To the ultimate Aquarium Stand. Custom Built for Aquatic Dreams!!

Ultimate Aquarium Stand.

Next time we will show our collection of carved Aquarium Stands.

Welcome to Richins Carpentry inc blog

Welcome to the blog spot for Richins Carpentry inc. We hope to show you some awesome projects. Give you some cool ideas for your next project. And above all give you something to talk about at the water cooler.